Sunday, September 7, 2014

Marie-Therese Reboul

Marie-Therese Reboul (1728-1805),  along with Adelaide Labille-Guiard, Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun  and Anne Valleyer-Coster, Marie-Therese Reboul was part of an exclusive group of women who shared the privilege of being called an "Academician" during the mid 1780's.
"Portrait of Marie-Therese Reboul, 1757,by Alexander Roslin
Marie Therese-Reboul was admitted into The French Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture in 1757.  She exhibited in its Royal Salon from 1757-1767.  Her artistic training was achieved under Madeleine Basseport, who was a botanical illustrator.  She also studied with Royal Academician Joseph Marie-Vien, whom she eventually married.  She specialized in painting still lives and flowers.  She also etched plates for books on natural history.  Her important paintings include: that of a hen with chicks, a golden pheasant from China, a brooding pigeon and a bird of prey following a butterfly.  Catherine the II of Russia collected her work and several of her paintings are in the collection of the Hermitage 
Museum.  The only images I found of her work  can be seen in the following link:érèse-
There is not much more information on Marie-Therese Reboul.  From bits and pieces of information that I did find, she seems to have had a very generous character.  She donated all of her jewelry to France in 1789.

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